Continuing Education Credits


Obtaining CEU Credit
Instructions for ordering textbooks
Instructions for taking the pretest and post-test



To obtain a certificate, attendees will be required to: 1) take a pretest; 2) read the course textbook Recognizing Child Abuse: A Guide for the Concerned ; 3) watch one of our video training tapes; 4) pass a post-conference test. The fee for the first program is $50. The first program's fee includes a copy of the textbook. Each additional program is $32. The cost for all six programs is: $150. Eleven hours of credit will be offered for each program.

Obtaining CEU Credits

A company called ClassMap was helping us offer the service of providing CEU credit, but unfortunately they have recently gone out of business. Until we can find an online company that can provide this service, we are going to handle CEU credits manually.

Please email the Welfare Reform Academy with this information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Fax number
  • Which programs you plan to receive CEU credit for
  • The location where you watched the videoconference (if you viewed it live)
  • If you have already sent a check to the Welfare Reform Academy
  • If you would like to have the pretest and post-test sent by email, fax or regular mail


    Instructions for ordering the textbook

    If you have not already ordered the textbook, click here and fax your completed order form to: (301) 403-4675. Checks can be sent to:

    Welfare Reform Academy
    1117 Van Munching Hall
    University of Maryland
    College Park, MD 20742-1821

    Instructions for taking the pretest and post-test

  • Please send an email showing your interest in receiving CEU credit.
  • Once we have your email and your check we will either email, fax, or send you a copy of the pretest.
  • After we receive your pretest back, we can send the post-test.
  • Once we receive that we will grade it. If you pass the post-test you will receive your certificate in the mail.


    If you have questions about the videoconferences or about CEU certificates call the Welfare Reform Academy at (301) 405-4767.

    Other questions? Email the Welfare Reform Academy.