Recognizing Child Abuse: The Trainer's Manual
Table of Contents

Recognizing Child Abuse by Douglas J. Besharov

Unit I: Introduction
Module 1: You Can Make a Difference
Module 2: A Balanced Approach

Unit II: Legal Framework
Module 3: Reporting Obligations
Module 4: Liability for Failure to Report
Module 5: Protections for Those Who Report

Unit III: Deciding to Report
Module 6: Sources of Suspicion
Module 7: Physical Abuse
Module 8: Sexual Abuse
Module 9: Physical Neglect
Module 10: Endangerment and Abandonment
Module 11: Psychological Maltreatment
Module 12: Parents with Severe Mental Disabilities
Module 13: Interviewing Parents

Unit IV: The Reporting Process
Module 14: Preserving Evidence
Module 15: Emergencies
Module 16: Making a Report
Module 17: Monitoring Investigations
Module 18: Being Prepared

Unit V: A Word to Parents
Module 19: Is Your Child Abused?
Module 20: If You Are Reported

Summing Up - Module 21: Conclusion